YOUTH WITH A MISSION TURNER VALLEY trains, sends, and supports God's people to serve among the Unreached.

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Endless genealogies, countless statistics and redundant repetition. At first glance, the book of Chronicles appears to be just that. But to what end? Why do we need to know how many shekels of gold David paid for a threshing floor? Does it matter that Helah fathered Zereth, that Johanan fathered Azariah? The question we should […]

Pondering Life's Questions

Pondering Life’s Questions

One day in summer, my roommate in the dormitory of Seminary in S.Korea had a question about his mother’s life. His mother had dedicated herself to church with consistent offering, tithing, and serving a local church for her whole life. But it seemed unfair to him to see his parents working so hard all day […]