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This last week [in an undisclosed country] in south-east Asia was a blast. Some great times and some bad times. I’ll start with the bad news: all of us are getting sick, nothing too serious until today. Evan has a fever and the flu, so he will probably be in bed for most of the day. I got over my small cold while we were still there. Melissa is just getting over hers. Karin has a cold, but the rest of us are finally healthy. Being out of that country helps. We have small team issues here and there, but we’re good with dealing with them quickly.

Good news: we each have built some amazing relationships with a few people. What we were doing in that country was building relationships with a few people each, instead of 20 different people we would only have a small impact on. With just a few people, we could get to know them and encourage their walk in faith, or plant a seed. I had four friends I spent a lot of time with. We went to the park, shopping malls, their houses, or to meet their friends and family. Two people I spent the most time with were Sam and Colin. Sam is a Christian, and was really happy to be spending time with another Christian from another country who is his age. He was a great guy. Colin was Buddhist. But he’s recently started reading the Bible, and comparing it to the Buddhist Bible. He asked me about how I have seen God in my life, how has God helped me, and how I have changed since becoming a Christian. So he is showing lots of interest. The others on the team did similar things with their chosen friends.

On the last evening, we went to a Christian concert. It was fun. We met most of our friends there. It’s really cool when you worship the same God with brothers and sisters in another country.

We left our southeast Asian country on January 5th. Sam came to the airport with us to see us off. We flew to Bangkok, Thailand at 12:00 pm. We got to Bangkok, and at about 6:00 pm we took an overnight train to Chaing Mai. It was a 13-hour ride. We all slept for most of it. It’s nice to be in Thailand again. It’s cooler, and a lot more quiet here. But I personally miss the country we were in, and the people there. So here in Bangkok we are just taking it easy and trying to get over sicknesses. We are also planning and preparing for when we go to the village of Napajat.

Most of us are really excited to hit up Napajat and represent the King there.

Thanks for your prayers and love.

God Bless.


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