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Hey guys!!!

This week it’s my turn to write, and there are a lot of things. So here it goes.

StudentThis is the week that we started teaching the kids, and they are amazing. Jordan and I teach the kindergarteners, and grades one and two. Melissa and Alycia teach grade three. Evan and Dani teach grades four and six. The kids are amazing! They are eager to learn, and they are fast learners. It seems like we can’t teach them enough. But with teaching comes ups and downs. The only thing I dislike is that it seems like the kids sometimes don’t understand what we are trying to teach them. The upsides are that they are really funny, and they enjoy themselves. While they are doing the activities that we give them, they help each other. The sense of accomplishment that they seem to have just makes it a better day. The other day I was having a hard time with the kids not understanding me. Then God reminded me that just because the kids don’t understand you right now, it doesn’t mean that they don’t want to learn. And that is so true. Each day we go to school the students are happy to see us. When Jordan and I go to teach the kindergarten, the kids just come rushing at us saying “Teacher, teacher!” It’s really heart-warming. It will be sad when we have to say bye to them.

The other awesome thing about this week is that we got to spend it with Tamara!!!!! That was awesome. We were all pretty excited to see her when she got here. She was such a blessing to us, we were all grateful to have her here with us for a whole week. She not only brought herself, but she also brought gifts from back home. On the first day we got chocolate, and we kinda scarfed it down, because we missed good chocolate from back home. Then we had one-on-ones with her. On the one-on-ones she prayed for us, encouraged us, and then she gave us each a gift. The gift that I got was nail polish and nail polish remover. I was really happy to see the nail polish remover, because the one that I brought here spilled all over my stuff, so it was great to see some more. The thing that I learned with Tamara is that we can have fun wherever we are, doing whatever there is to do. An example of this is during one of our team-times. Dani was the leader for Monday, and she wanted to do some exercises. When we first heard this some of us were like, “NO!!! PLEASE NO!!!” But as we got into it, it actually got to be really funny. Some of the exercises that we came up with were so hysterical that we were all almost killing ourselves laughing at the end of it all. It was seriously really funny. So everyone knows that when someone comes for a visit, it also means that they have to leave us, and that is what we had with Tamara. On Saturday we had to say bye. It seems like the week went by too fast, but at least we will get to see her again, and that is awesome!!!

I’m sure that we will have ’lots of stories to tell you guys when we come back, and I’m sure that we will almost kill ourselves laughing as we tell them, well I know that I will. I’m going to leave it at this, and hope that it is enough to give you somewhat of an idea as to what we are up to. Yes we are all alive and in decent shape, but the thing that you guys could pray for is, our health in these last two weeks or so – and that we have tons of energy for the end.

Thanks guys for checking in!! We miss you and we can’t wait to see you guys again.


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