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Our time in Napajat is almost over and we finished teaching English at the school last Saturday.

I think it was a very good finish. We helped at the “English Camp” the teachers had planned. Each of us ran a different station (alphabet, shapes, body parts, school rooms and fruits) and groups of students rotated throughout the morning. Evan and I ran the school rooms station. After teaching about school rooms it was time for the fun part: a scavenger hunt through the school area. We said: “You have 10 minutes. GO!–and off they ran”.

English Class in Napajat squareLater we had a farewell time with a speech from the vice-principal and gifts for us (scarves from the teachers and drawings from the students). The kids from grade 3 wrote: “I love my teacher Alycia and Melissa. I like play game my teacher very much. Thank you teacher very much. I love my teacher.”

After two weeks we were all sad having to say goodbye. It turned out that all of us enjoyed English teaching and the kids very much. Even the ones who were a bit scared of teaching at first.

Also this last week something very neat happened. Since we arrived in Napajat we’ve been praying for Pii Toi’s Dad. The first night we saw him he was very sick. Actually he was just skin and bones, and had troubles to breathe along with pain over all his body. Now on Sunday he was able to climb up the hill to come to church. He was sitting in the front, listening to the message and to the songs, whipping with his feet and praying. This is an amazing answer to prayer!!! Thank you, God! On monday he had to go to the hospital again just for a check-up. It was almost like a flashback to this crazy Sunday when we had to bring him to the hospital suddenly and very quickly: We drove with the truck to his house. On the Sunday Evan carried him to the truck. This time he was walking with a stick smiling at us with a bright smile. It is a difference like day and night. Now he always smiles and laughs at us, it is very funny: He comes up to us and tells stories in Shan. We just laugh with him.

On Friday Jordan volunteered to teach at the youth group from church. He did a good job. Especially in improvising. One of the young people translated and didn’t understand everything. Another really really amazing thing happened last week. Some of the young people of the youth group have been given money to go to school in the next bigger town, but now their support stopped. On Wednesday evening in our team time we prayed for money so that they are able to continue to go to school. The next day someone gave over the needed amount for the next month. God answered our prayer quickly.

We keep enjoying food that is “delicious, tasty and satisfying” ( in the students’ words). I will miss you Kao Soi (noodles in coconut curry soup), Kao puk (mashed rice and black sesame seeds), fish….

Only one more week left. This is sad for all of us. But some are also looking forward to going back home.

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