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By Andrae Braun

YWAM Turner Valley is sending a Family Outreach team to Southeast Asia this December. This
outreach team consists of four of our base families, totalling eight adults and twelve children!
We are very excited to see what God does in and through our youngest missionaries. Currently,
the families are in the middle of fundraising for this outreach.

A ‘Families Outreach’ is different in more ways than one from our typical DTS outreaches.
Firstly, it costs a lot more. A DTS student may be looking to raise $3500 for their outreach, a
family could need up $19,000. Yet, with 18 children and counting, YWAM Turner Valley feels
that families are also called to missions. Secondly, a Families Outreach is tailored for the faith-
growth of the children on the team. How the team raises funds, prays for the outreach,
prepares for the outreach, and the actual outreach activities are meant to be formed around
the capacity of our children. We want our children to grow in faith and share their faith.
It’s centered around children but it’s not a small thing. In fact, over half of YWAM Turner Valley
will going on our Families Outreach: Southeast Asia!

Or will they?

That was the question five days before our first financial deadline. The team needed a
combined $16,000 to cover our flights. The feeling amongst each of the four families was grim.
Where would this money come from?

The answer to that question would need to be the same answer that will define this season for
YWAM Turner Valley as a whole: FAITH.

Five days before the deadline to purchase flights, our family was sitting around our living room
praying for the rest of the finances for each family. One family needed $7100 just to meet this
first deadline!

While praying, our eight-year-old daughter Phoebe jumped off the couch and ran to her room,
reappearing with five loonies (Canadian $1 coins) in her hand. She gave me two and held onto
the three other loonies. She declared, “While we were praying, I felt that I was supposed to give
you, Dad, two loonies for our outreach fees, and then one loonie to each of the other families.”

Realizing how much was needed and how much she was offering, she then shyly retreated,
saying, “It’s not anywhere enough but I want to give it.”

Quickly Charis, her nine-year-old sister, jumped in and preached, “Phoebe, that’s not true!
Remember Jesus feeding the 5,000—when he used the boy’s five loaves and two fish. God loves
to use weak things!”

So, the next day, our kids went to the door of each family. Phoebe presented the coin and
Charis gave the prophetic interpretation. All three families were very encouraged.
When the deadline came – and it came down to the last moment – the $16,000 that was
needed had come in! Not only this, one of the families who needed a total of almost $19,000
had received almost all they needed. It was miraculous—and each of our children witnessed it!

We are learning faith together in this season. And as it seems, the children are leading us.

This story of faith is one of many where our children are learning – and teaching us! – what it
means to trust Jesus for big things.
If you would like to learn more or would like to support this outreach, please get in touch with us

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