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By Carah Wiebe

Turner Valley’s Mountain Venture DTS returned from outreach in Southeast Asia in late November.  This outreach was full of examples of God’s faithfulness in providing many opportunities to serve in both cities and small villages and teach the truth of the Gospel.  Though a small school this year, the 2019 MVDTS saw big things happen in spreading God’s kingdom in Southeast Asia.

Our DTS students understand, and sometimes experience themselves, the reality that going on outreach can mean facing challenging or scary situations.  We are committed to following Jesus wisely into all kinds of situations, confident that He goes with us and is faithful to provide for us. Below is one student’s testimony of how God equipped her in a difficult time while on outreach.


During the lecture phase of our DTS, I learned what it meant to be a daughter of God. I learned that when you live in fear and sin you are a slave and an orphan, but God adopts us as his own children through Jesus.  

During outreach I learned how our Father is always present.  He doesn’t leave his children to fight for ourselves. On outreach, I got dengue fever.  This was the sickest I have ever been and I was really scared, especially scared to be sick in a different country where they didn’t speak English.  But through this, God never left my side. All those times I was scared or sick in bed, He was by my side.  

Psalm 18:39 was a verse that helped me through this.  It says, “For you equipped me with strength for the battle.”

God showed me that he was my Father who loved me.  He was a father who was fighting for me. He never left my side while on outreach and he was equipping me with the things I needed the whole time.


Whatever difficulties you might be facing, especially going into the holiday season, we pray that you will be similarly encouraged by our Father’s faithful presence as He gives you strength.

If you would like to learn more about Mountain Venture DTS, check out the school page here.

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