By Stephanie Rottier

Despite the halt of many programs and schools due to the current pandemic, YWAM Turner Valley has been busy! Our Nehemiah Project team has been working hard updating the main building on our campus, getting ready for what we feel will be a really busy and wonderful season of going to the nations and equipping future missionaries.

That, in the end, is the heart and soul behind our Nehemiah Project. We want to create an environment that is welcoming, hospitable, and ready for future generations of missionaries. Not all of us can go to the nations, but those who can, those who are called, have a place here.  

What have we been working on? To start with, our new siding! The updated siding and new color scheme will not only transform the aesthetic of our campus, it will also help us to be efficient with energy savings and more manageable upkeep in years to come. The back side of the building is finished and it looks amazing. What a transformation! We hope to finish the rest this summer, and we are just praying and asking the Lord for the finances to complete it.

We have also been working on the interior of the building. Some of the student rooms, where we house students for three to nine months at a time, needed some serious upgrades! The floor is still the original hospital floor, the walls have cracks in the paint, and the windows sills are in need of some serious TLC. We have begun work on two of the rooms in the “guys’ hallway,” giving them a fresh coat of paint and installing new flooring. The transformation these simple changes bring is remarkable. It doesn’t take much to really improve the look and feel of a space.

This project, renovating the student rooms, is particularly important and special to me. I see the excitement and the passion of young people coming to our campus with a desire to learn more about God and how to love His people. They take time away from school, jobs, and family to fully commit to discipleship and growth. This is a truly amazing thing!! I believe that we need to honour this decision, this commitment, in every way possible, and that includes hospitality. Many of our students haven’t been away from home for a long period of time before, or have traveled far away from their families. To have a special, beautiful, welcoming place for them is so important.

Despite the needs we still have in order to complete these projects, I love to share about all of the things that have been provided in so many amazing ways. We feel so blessed to be part of a ministry that sees miracles of provision on a daily basis. It gets easy to forget how much God provides and how important it is to share how good He is with the world! We have been blessed with His provision over and over and over again.

We started the renovation of the rooms with nothing but a vision and a desire to see these rooms updated. There were no finances for this project at the start, but resources just kept turning up. We had all of the money for the paint donated, or found some from past projects to just “happen” to be perfect (we have long ago stopped believing in coincidences).  Pieces of flooring donated years ago were just the right size to fit these rooms.  I even found an envelope of money in my mailbox to put toward the project!

We have also seen many miracles through our fundraising for the siding. This is obviously a much bigger project than renovating a few rooms, and we have seen so much provision for it in so many different ways, from finances to the right relational connections with those who can help us complete this project.  As we continue to diligently steward the good things God has given us, we are excited to see even more provision, relationship building, and celebration of the Gospel going forth in the years to come.

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