From the Rockies to the Rice Fields

What is the Mountain Venture Discipleship Training School?

We are looking for people who have a desire to get to know God in a deeper way, while experiencing more of his heart through his creation, his word, and his people. Our Mountain Venture Discipleship Training School (DTS) is a 5 month program which takes each student on a personal journey deeper into the heart of God while getting deeper into the majestic Canadian Rockies. The DTS consists of 2 phases, lectures and outreach. The 12 weeks of lectures are themed with the nature and character of God, bible study, prayer, godly relationships, evangelism, world view and missions. Each week will consist of lectures taught by varied speakers, small group discussions, one-on-ones with staff, work duties around the ministry campus, corporate worship and prayer as well as a chance to head into the Rocky Mountains located in YWAM Turner Valley’s backyard. Some of these excursions will include hiking, biking, horseback riding, camping, canoeing, rafting, etc.

These experiences alongside the themed lectures will give students opportunity to see and understand God in a new way, resulting in a greater confidence and equipping them to share the love of Jesus with others.

The 8 week outreach will give each student an opportunity to put into practice some of what they have learned throughout the lecture phase. There will be opportunity to serve the less fortunate and share the love of Jesus through mercy ministries, teaching, running children’s programs, evangelism, and service projects while on outreach. We have established long standing relationships with contacts throughout SE Asia and hope to continue to serve among God’s work there through our DTS outreach. The outreach phase will end with one week of debrief and re-entry teaching as each student prepares to bring their experiences home.


  • I really liked to Mountain Venture DTS because of the good mixture of teaching and simply getting to step out and enjoy God’s creation. It was really cool to see God speak to me through his creation too!

    Daniel Switzerland
  • DTS has been beneficial for me in many different ways. One being: showing me that life is really what you make it, and you can choose to live your life and be happy with what you have.

    Brittany USA
  • The DTS has hugely influenced my relationship with God. Especially the week about ‘hearing God’s voice’ made me discover how I can hear God speaking to me.

    Anna Netherlands
  • Doing this DTS has been a life changing experience. I learnt how to hear God’s voice, and press into Him in the hard times and as a result I feel closer to Him than ever before. This experience will be a foundation that I build the rest of my life on.

    Jacob Barbados

Live Learn Community

Though community living has its complexities, working and living in close proximity with others often achieves deeper friendships. Students not only learn from the lectures, but through small groups and one-on-ones, as well as from the daily life interactions with other students lives. The live-learn environment gives opportunity to not just understand principles of service and loving one another, but also to live them out.

Approximate Lecture Phase Weekly Schedule
Upcoming School Dates

Lecture Phase: July 13 – Sept. 25, 2020

Outreach Phase: Sept. 28 – Nov. 27, 2020

Graduation: December 4, 2020


Lecture Phase: Finances for lecture phase are being treated in a different way than usual. As part of our Faith Journey, we are inviting students and participants to unite with us in prayer for God’s provision rather than financing their own training. For more information, see our Faith Journey FAQs

Outreach Phase: $3000-3500 CDN*

*Fees subject to change

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be an expert hiker or outdoorsman?

No! The Mountain Venture DTS is geared for both those seasoned outdoorsmen and for those who have never left the city. The only thing that matters is that you WANT to be in the outdoors.

Will I have a roommate?

You betcha! A big part of discipleship in the DTS is the living with other people and all the benefits and difficulties that come along with that. DTS is way more fun with roommates!

Where will we go on outreach?

South East Asia. Here at YWAM Turner Valley we are committed to reaching out to the Shan People of South East Asia. They mostly live in Myanmar and Thailand so that is where we focus our outreaches on.

What should I pack?

  • Your bible. You will need it everyday.
  • Good hiking boots! In the Mountain Venture DTS we will go on 6-7 hikes in the lecture phase and will backpack and camp for a week in the Rockies so find some good footwear before you come.
  • Sunscreen for your mountain ventures.
  • 1-2 good water bottles.
  • Outdoor hiking clothes.
  • A good backpack can be helpful on outreach but not mandatory. We will rent you a backpack and hiking poles for our weeklong hike in the Rockies.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Bathing Suit (we have a very pleasant river on our property which is perfect to swim in during the summer).
  • Your camera! There are so many beautiful things you will see while you are here.
  •  School supplies for note taking.


  • Jaclyn Wiens
    Jaclyn Wiens

    Jaclyn (“Jac”) exemplifies a heart for discipleship and a dedication to loving and serving others well. She brings a passion for adventure and the outdoors to the Mountain Venture DTS, but her leadership is also shaped by her commitment to prayer, God’s Word, and seeing the Lord move in her own life and the lives of others. Jac loves tacos, camping, hammocks, and time with friends.

  • Helen Packard
    Helen Packard

    Helen is blessed with a combination of a heart for the marginalized as well as a devotion to bringing the Bible to the nations. She brings excellence and strong implicational thinking to the leadership team, DTS, and Titus Project. Outside of her roles at YWAM Turner Valley, she enjoys the outdoors, culinary art, and good coffee.


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