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Mountain Venture


The Mountain Venture Discipleship Training School (DTS) is an excellent way to grow personally while investing in your relationship with God. First you will spend 12 weeks in lectures and mountain excursions getting to know God more. After which, you will embark on a 2 month outreach to our target people group in South East Asia.

Harvest DTS

The Harvest Discipleship Training School (DTS) is a 5 month program that aims to equip students for evangelism, heart to heart ministry, and supernatural signs. The 12 weeks of lectures will deepen your relationship with Jesus while you serve in local communities. Outreach will take you into cross cultural ministry experiences for 2 months as you share your faith with others.

School of Biblical Studies

The School of Biblical Studies (SBS) is a 9-month intensive study of the bible, during which you will go through all 66 book of the bible. The goal of the SBS is to equip you to study and understand the content of bible. Turner Valley’s campus located in the foothills of Rocky Mountains and along the peaceful Sheep River is the ideal location to focus on God’s word.

Titus Project

Titus Project is an international ministry of Youth With A Mission, dedicated to equipping the body of Christ throughout the world in the Word of God.   We develop School of Biblical Studies graduates in teaching and preaching, and mobilize them into areas where Bible training is greatly needed. After a 3-week lecture phase, participants teach the bible in a cross cultural setting for 2 months.


  • After being a student here at YWAM Turner Valley, I immediately came back on staff because I knew it would be a great place to continue learning about God and his Word, particularly to be challenged and grow in my role as a teacher. 

    Abigail Former SBS Staff
  • It has been a great privilege that my work time as a School of Biblical Studies staff member is reading and thinking about God's word to us, seeing what is close to His heart and having the opportunity to make it close to my own heart as well.

    John Leadership Team Member / SBS Co-Leader
  • The DTS has hugely influenced my relationship with God. Especially the week about ‘hearing God’s voice’ made me discover how I can hear God speaking to me.

    Anna Netherlands
  • While reading through the Bible, I found and experienced God’s steadfast promises to us in a new way every time I went through a new book. Not only this, the groundwork and frames came into place for bible verses I had been so accustomed to and learning the background of the original readers has really enriched my understanding of God’s word.

    Ellena Myanmar
  • The SBS has shown me the depth of the scriptures and how they are useful in our daily lives as Christians. There are countless timeless truths in God’s word and we are meant to know them and live them out.

    Lovisa Sweden
  • Doing this DTS has been a life changing experience. I learnt how to hear God’s voice, and press into Him in the hard times and as a result I feel closer to Him than ever before. This experience will be a foundation that I build the rest of my life on.

    Jacob Barbados
  • It is by God’s mercy that I have enjoyed leadership over the years—and continue to enjoy it to this day. I count my time as a School of Biblical Studies staff person as my most formative season in my life. There I learned to open the Word, and as a result, it opened my heart to Jesus.  Retrospectively, I look at those SBS staff-years as lifesavers for me in the challenges that I presently face in leadership. I can think of no better preparation for a life in ministry and missions than SBS staff. 

    Andrae Base Director
  • DTS has been beneficial for me in many different ways. One being: showing me that life is really what you make it, and you can choose to live your life and be happy with what you have.

    Brittany USA
  • I really liked to Mountain Venture DTS because of the good mixture of teaching and simply getting to step out and enjoy God’s creation. It was really cool to see God speak to me through his creation too!

    Daniel Switzerland
  • The more I learn, the more blown away I am. I am also learning how to experience [God's] presence in my daily life... SBS is helping me to develop a more solid foundation for my life and to grow in confidence in Christ.

    Erin Canada

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