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Heading into the new year we have a few exciting opportunities on our plate. What comes with those opportunities is needs, so I wanted to share with you what we have going on, and if you are reading this and have the skills or supplies that we need (or know someone who does) please pray about whether or not God would have you join us in this work!

Camp Okotoks Lodge

Camp Okotoks Lodge

There is a camp in the area that is shutting down. They have a lodge building that they are looking to get rid of, and coincidently… we really need a building like that. As a campus we do not have a large meeting room where we can gather for worship, prayer, and campus events. Usually we force ourselves into one of the classrooms, but we have been hoping and praying for something like this to come along for a while.
That said, there are a couple of things that we need to work through. Firstly, the camp has not decided who it wants to donate this building too, so we are waiting for word from them. Secondly, even though it seems like an answer to prayer, we are trying to make sure that we hear the voice of God in this and don’t just jump ahead with what we “think” He would want. Because of that we are still seeking Him in this venture, and waiting for Him to speak clearly.

If you are an intercessor we would ask that you pray for favor with the camp, but more than that, for God to speak clearly. We know that if God wants to give us this building, we will receive the building (and everything we need to make it usable). Pray that we would hear from Him and hear clearly, and then have the boldness to step out in faith toward what He would have for us.

Inside the Camp Okotoks Lodge

Inside the Camp Okotoks Lodge

If you are someone with skills in carpentry, building basements, contracting, electrical, gas, insulating, excavating equipment, etc. and you want to help, please let me know. If God brings this about, we will need expertise in each of these areas (and more) in order to make this a reality, and if God wants you to be a part of this for the sake of His kingdom, we would love to have you here.

If you have supplies (lumber, concrete, electrical, etc.) or money you feel God wants you to give, please let us know. We would love to partner with you in this work and we know that you will be well blessed for your generosity.


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