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By Christine Harrison


YWAM Turner Valley runs the Titus Project beginning in January. When the program started this year, no one knew how serious COVID-19 would become. Our teams left for outreach long before the travel restrictions were introduced by the Canadian government and returned as soon as they could once the government made it clear to come home.  The blog posts for Titus 2020 are meant to celebrate the work God did on these outreaches, as well as the ways He provided for the safe return of all team members – even if some ended up in places they did not expect.


Four years ago, I was sitting on a couch in a German castle researching a tiny YWAM base in Alberta, Canada. This base seemed like a solid place to do my School of Biblical Studies and I started filling out an application. One thing about the website particularly interested me: the focus location for international missions was South East Asia. I had already served in Vietnam and Japan – God seemed to like sending me to Asia! This seemed like one more nod from the Lord and I hit “submit” on my application.


Fast forward and I’m now sitting on a couch in a lovely English home. A few weeks ago I returned from South East Asia where I was teaching the Bible with my husband and absolutely loving it. 


YWAM Turner Valley has been my home for almost four years now. On day one of my time in Alberta, the people there introduced me to the Shan people of SE Asia and the heart many had for them. I didn’t know it then, but that heart was contagious! We would pray for these people a few times a month. Pretty soon all I wanted to do was go meet them and see this nation!  


For three years I watched at least eight outreach teams leave and return from a place I longed to go, ministering to a people I longed to know. I kept praying and waiting. 


Then, it was my turn. 


Standing in a room full of people I’d prayed for year after year was a surreal experience. Their smiles, laughter, willingness to learn, and genuine love of the Lord was inspiring. My heart matched the love that had grown there with these faces and names!


Three years of waiting, and now three weeks after returning I can’t wait to go back. But I will have to wait. 


I learned so much on this outreach, but there are two things I hope encourage people most. The first is praying for people you don’t know isn’t a waste. Growing love in your heart for nations and people groups creates a beautiful connection and prayer facilitates it. Pray for people! Second, waiting is worth it. God’s plan is better and his timing is perfect. Trust that! 


Here I am on a couch in England because Covid-19 won’t let me get back to Canada… but you know what? I’m going to keep praying and wait. God’s timing is worthy of our trust.

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