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By Jeremy Rottier


In the last number of years, a lot of effort has gone into getting a Bible into every home on earth. Many YWAMers know that Youth With A Mission founder, Loren Cunningham, has made this his personal mission and that this is an effort involving multiple missions organizations. It’s been great to see how God has provided incredible creativity and motivation to put this dream into action.

As I considered this great undertaking, I was struck with the question of, “What now?” It’s one thing to have the Bible in our homes and in our hands, but how do we engage with it in a way that is truly life-changing? Often we are told, “Just read it.” But if we’re truly honest, is that enough?

Having grown up in a Christian home with numerous Bibles and numerous Bible translations available to me in my mother tongue of English, I had a lot of contact with the Bible. And yet, I had never read all the way through my Bible until I attended the School of Biblical Studies at YWAM Hurlach in Germany. Growing up, I had been saturated with Bible knowledge because of my family and church, but it wasn’t until I fully immersed myself in study through this course that I fully was able to comprehend the great expanse of the story of the Bible. It was an experience that changed my life and it was the catalyst that led me to work for almost nine years in Germany, primarily with the School of Biblical Studies (SBS). I wanted to pass on the gift I had received.

One of the things that really levelled up my training and connection with Bible study was when I was finally able (with my wife and our two small children) to participate in Titus Project. With SBS as the foundation, Titus Project creates an incredible opportunity (like a sort-of graduate program) for participants to take the Bible study skills they’ve learned and receive training that will allow them to go out and pass on these skills to a world in great need of biblical nourishment. My family and I have spent time in Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Greece, and Germany, teaching people how to study the Bible.

Titus Project was a long-time dream in YWAM Turner Valley, and so, five years ago, a lot of prayers were answered as the inaugural Titus Project kicked off! In addition, the outreach team was able to coordinate with Titus Project running in Thailand as a part of Shan Project, a long-term outreach to Shan people from Myanmar and Thailand. It was wonderful to see how God coordinated these programs to work together to raise up Shan teachers and bring Bible study skills to Myanmar.

Due to worldwide COVID restrictions this past year, Titus Project had to be put on hold, but plans are in development to run Titus Project again at YWAM Turner Valley. Despite COVID restrictions last year, our campus’s SBS was able to run one of its largest schools at YWAM Turner Valley in a while.

We have an incredible opportunity to be a part of the second wave of ending Bible poverty. God is moving and teaching us how to make the food of His Word more accessible and attractive. And as people are tasting it, they are experiencing the goodness of the Word of God. What an amazing gift we have to be a part of the journey to inspire the nations to know God better through the Bible.

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