What is Youth With a Mission?


outh With a Mission (YWAM) is an international movement of Christians from many denominations dedicated to serving Jesus throughout the world. In YWAM our passion is to know God and make Him known. YWAM draws people from a variety of backgrounds and nationalities to work together in a broad spectrum of evangelistic activities. People of all ages from more than 160 nations are involved in our ministries.

Each year, over 38,000 people are involved in YWAM’s short-term projects. Mobile ministries have gone into every country of the world. We currently operate in more than 1000 locations in over 180 countries, with a full-time staff of 18,000.

YWAM’s many ministries fall into three main categories – ways which we believe God has given us to be a part of the goal of taking the gospel to all the world:


Spreading God’s message.


Preparing workers to reach others.


Showing God’s love through practical assistance.

Who is YWAM Turner Valley?

Youth With A Mission Turner Valley trains, sends, and supports God’s people to serve among the Unreached.


WAM Turner Valley, located in Alberta, Canada, has been training, sending and supporting God’s people to serve the Unreached since 1985. In particular, we feel that God’s call on our community is to focus our resources in the direction of the Shan people. We currently run four YWAM programs; the Mountain Venture Discipleship Training School (DTS), the Harvest DTS, the School of Biblical Studies (SBS), and a Titus Project.

In the winter of 1985, God led a group of individuals to purchase and move into the location now known as YWAM Turner Valley. Originally they lost the bid for the old hospital property but God saw to it that the property would come back to YWAM for the purpose of Christian missions. Not long after all the pipes in the main building froze. Three thousand feet of piping was pulled out of the building and God provided massively for the bill, which at the current market value, equaled the original cost of the entire property. Through much more renovation the building finally came up to a level comfortable enough to make it livable. This was to be the seed of many years of outreaches and transformed lives.

Initially missions teams were sent to Mexico. On the home front, a few training schools such as School of Evangelism and Discipleship Training School were offered. Gradually the ministry would target the Carib people of Dominica and then Kel Hoggar of North Africa. Since 1998, YWAM Turner Valley has been reaching out to the Shan people of Southeast Asia. Not long ago, people from YWAM TV planted a Bible Study and community development program amongst the Shan people of southeast Asia. We feel this is only the beginning of a new chapter of missions history for YWAM Turner Valley.

To encourage young people to consider offering their lives to reach out to the Shan is our way of offering what we have before Jesus. We are excited to meet the challenge of missions to the Unreached abroad as the Holy Spirit leads us. Much like the rest of YWAM, our community of friends is always changing. Our building and property is always changing. Even our location’s mission statement over the years has been in flux. But what remains the same is, YWAM Turner Valley is called to the Unreached. We exist to know HIM and make HIM known and to serve Jesus in missions.


The Bible: Studying and applying its principles and values as God’s timeless guidance for us.

The Unreached: Bringing the gospel to unreached people groups.

Loving One Another: Treating each other with love in all things, placing importance on close personal relationships.

Personal Development & Learning: Lifelong commitment to growth in all areas.

Stewardship: Being good stewards of finances, infrastructure and people, as a reflection of Biblical principles.

Accountability: Striving toward godliness by holding each other accountable to maintain integrity between our biblical principles and how we live.

Leadership Growth & Mentorship: Being intentional about developing leaders and being developed as leaders.

Aesthetics & Hospitality: A welcoming and encouraging environment, celebrating individuals and making our ministry an enjoyable and attractive atmosphere to work and live.

Committed Service: Striving toward faithfulness, excellence and encouraging long-term commitment.

Servant Leadership: Practicing Jesus’ example of leading by servanthood.


  • Andrae Braun
    Andrae Braun

    One word describes Andrae best: passionate. He is enthusiastic about soccer, soundtracks, the Bible, and his family. But most of all Andrae is motivated by championing others, and seeing this community obey God’s call.

    • John Taylor
      John Taylor

      John is our Encyclopedia Britannica here on the base. Extremely knowledgable and proficient in all sort of ways he’s known to some as the most interesting man in the world. John loves playing Civilization IV, Whopper Wednesday with friends, and spending time with his family.

      • Helen Packard
        Helen Packard

        Helen has a heart for the nations and spends a large portion of her year on outreach, especially in SE Asia. Serving with Mountain Venture DTS, Titus Project, and the Leadership Team gives her lots of opportunities to invest in the staff, students, and participants that call YWAM TV “home!” Helen loves outdoor summer adventures with friends, ice cream, and curling up with a good missions biography and a cup of coffee.

        • Jennifer Villaflor
          Jennifer Villaflor

          Jenn is diligent, caring, intentional, and passionate about how God’s Word transforms lives. A worshiper at her core, YWAM Turner Valley’s Tuesday morning worship times come alive when Jenn lets her passionate “Cheeehuuuu!” ring out in the midst of a song! Jenn loves cooking, tea, deep conversations, and getting hooked on a good TV show.


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