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What is the Harvest Discipleship Training School?

Harvest Discipleship Training School (DTS) is about equipping believers for their role in gathering people to God through evangelism, heart to heart ministry, and supernatural signs. We are looking for people who desire to know God’s heart deeply for themselves and others.

Harvest DTS is a 5 month program where people from all backgrounds can pursue a deeper personal relationship with God while experiencing Christian community. The program consists of two phases; lecture and outreach. The 12 weeks of lectures are themed with the nature and character of God, Bible study, prayer, godly relationships, evangelism, world view and missions.

Each week will consist of lectures taught by various speakers, small group discussions, one-on-ones with staff, work duties around the ministry campus, corporate worship and prayer, as well as a chance to connect with various communities around Turner Valley, from neighbouring towns to the big city.

By interacting with local communities and churches, students will gain valuable insight into the needs of a desperate world around them, resulting in a greater compassion for their neighbour.

We welcome any opportunity to show God’s love; local gas stations, grocery stores, or busy streets. We believe people are ready to encounter a God without borders.

The 8 week international outreach will build upon the experience already gained through the lecture phase. There will be opportunities to share the love of Jesus through mercy ministries, teaching, running children’s programs, evangelism, and service projects while on outreach. Our heart is to minister alongside our well established contacts in SE Asia. The outreach phase will end with one week of debrief and re-entry teaching as each student prepares to bring their experiences home.



I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest – John 4:35


  • I came to DTS giving God one last chance and He used that chance to completely change me and my life.

    Joel Germany
  • Bible Overview week - hearing the Bible as a continuous story of relationship - had the most impact on me

    Elliot Saskatchewan, Canada
  • I feel like a big change was me getting more comfortable and confident with sharing my testimony or sermon. Also it was an important revelation that I can serve God doing anything, even dirty work!

    Joel Manitoba, Canada

Live Learn Community

We value community. Although it has it’s complexities, working and living in close proximity with others often achieves deeper friendships. Students not only learn from the lectures, but through small groups and one-on-ones, as well as from the daily life interactions with other students. The live-learn environment gives opportunity to not just understand principles of service and loving one another, but also to live them out.

Approximate Lecture Phase Weekly Schedule
Upcoming School Dates

Lecture Phase: April 1 – June 21, 2024

Outreach Phase: June 24 – August 16, 2024

Graduation: August 23, 2024


Lecture Phase: Finances for lecture phase are being treated in a different way than usual. As part of our Faith Journey, we are inviting students and participants to unite with us in prayer for God’s provision rather than financing their own training. For more information, see our Faith Journey FAQs

Outreach Phase: $3000-3500 CDN*

*Fees subject to change

Frequently Asked Questions

Is DTS an accredited program?

DTS is accredited with YWAM’s University of the Nations; upon completion you will receive 20 credits. DTS is also a pre-requisite for UofN’s secondary school programs. UofN however is not often a recognized university among many countries. Further inquiry is needed to determine if a particular university will accept UofN transcripts.

Will I have a roommate?

Yes! A big part of discipleship in the DTS is the living with other people and all the benefits and difficulties that come along with that. DTS is way more fun with roommates!

Where will we go on outreach?

South East Asia. Here at YWAM Turner Valley we are committed to reaching out to the Shan People of South East Asia. They mostly live in Myanmar and Thailand so that is where we focus our outreaches on.

Are there churches available for me to attend during DTS?

You betcha! You are encouraged to attend a local church of your choice every Sunday while you’re in DTS. Many of our staff go to different churches and can help you get connected.

What should I pack?

  • Your bible. You will need it everyday.
  • Winter shoes or warm boots. The early snow melt in spring can make streets cold and wet. We don’t want our footwear to stop us from going out and sharing!
  • Warm clothing and a jacket will keep the last frosts of winter from chilling you.
  • A daypack or overnight bag will be helpful when you stay a few days in neighbouring towns and communities.
  • Your camera! There are so many beautiful things you will see while you are here.
  •  School supplies for note taking.


  • Minal Thomas
    Minal Thomas

    Minal has a deep love for prayer and for seeing the Lord move when His people gather to pursue Him together. As a passionate believer in discipleship, she is a leader who values deep relationships, both with the Lord and in community. Minal has a gift for hospitality, loves creativity and crafts, and is a dedicated mother of two.

    • Sanal Thomas
      Sanal Thomas

      Sanal is a passionate evangelist with a heart for seeing the lost come to know Jesus through signs, wonders, and the preaching of the Word. He challenges and encourages believers to put feet to the Gospel through reaching out to our local community with the love and truth of Christ. Sanal loves cricket and motorcycling, and enjoys adventures with his son and daughter.


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