It’s about preparation for another generation of missions

YWAM Turner Valley has been training, sending and supporting God’s people to go to the unreached since 1985. Over the years we have had the privilege of targeting people groups in the Caribbean, Africa and Asia. Most recently, we have planted a Bible Study and community development program amongst the Shan people of Southeast Asia. We feel this is only the beginning of a new chapter of missions history for YWAM Turner Valley. But in order to step ahead into what God has for us in the future, we have to be good stewards of the property we have today. Stewardship today is a seed that will grow overseas missions fruit tomorrow.

Inspired by Nehemiah’s rebuilding of the wall around Jerusalem, YWAM Turner Valley is setting out on a similar renovation project of our buildings. Additionally, we are believing that God will develop our property for increased growth. Our facility and property have served us well for almost three decades; now it is time to give back to it in order to see it continue as a tool for missions.

But it’s Never Just a Building Project

The essence of what the Nehemiah Project means to YWAM Turner Valley is greater than just wood and nails. In the Old Testament, a building project was never just a building project, it was often God’s way of establishing a righteous identity in his people. Rebuilding the temple and the wall in Nehemiah’s time happened at the same time that God was rebuilding the people and re-establishing his law amongst them.

For YWAM Turner Valley, this project is about rebuilding the heart of our ministry in two key ways. First, the Nehemiah Project is a part of how God wants to build up the faith of the ministry, a kind of faith that will become the seed of new ministries, new vision, new fruit for the kingdom. The faith gained from completing Nehemiah’s wall breathed fresh devotion into the people to recommit to covenant with God. He wants to use the Nehemiah Project to bring YWAM Turner Valley to new heights of faith. As we step forward and see him move and accomplish mighty acts, our hearts are being prepared and founded on faith to see ministries grow out of us in the future. The influence of missions doesn’t automatically happen when you have the people, the place, and the resources for the project. These all stand powerless without faith to make them supernatural contributors to the kingdom. There is no contribution into the kingdom of God except by faith.

“Stewardship today is a seed that will grow overseas missions fruit tomorrow.”

Secondly, we believe the Nehemiah Project will help YWAM Turner Valley reach out beyond itself and involve the church around it in missions. Over the years our ministry has slowly become in-grown and self-sufficient when in fact, God wants us to be a blessing to the church, a mouthpiece to invite the church to further commit to missions. God does not want us to be able to reach our goals in the Nehemiah Project without working with believers around us. It’s that simple: we need partnership.

Faith and relationships are the backbone to why God is initiating this Nehemiah Project.

Current Projects

Exterior Renovation

One of the goals we had for the Nehemiah Project was to be able to increase the energy efficiency of the buildings, as well as create a more aesthetically pleasing environment on our campus. We are excited to announce this project because it gives us a huge step forward in both of those areas!

We call it our “Exterior Renovation” because it will completely transform the appearance of our main building. We are going to replace our siding, and add insulation underneath the new siding in order to increase energy efficiency.

Future Projects

Timeline by Faith

Future Nehemiah Project Plans by 100 Fold Studio

Great faith grows through small victories. We are stepping forward one step of faith at a time on God’s timeline. We will walk in obedience according to his leading. Finances and materials are a large part of what forms the timeline in stepping forward.

A close look at the book of Nehemiah reveals that everyone was involved in the work-effort to rebuild the wall around Jerusalem. It was not only a challenge for the builders of the community, it was everyone who owned the completion of the wall.

The Nehemiah Project is committed to making the body of Christ aware of the potential partnerships with this aspect of missions. Getting the news out and hosting fundraisers are key to opening our arms to everyone who would like to be involved.

Value Driven Goals


Our buildings have been built incrementally over a period of roughly 75 years starting in the 30s when the first building was a cookhouse. In 1939 it was converted to a hospital. There were more additions in 1942 and 1961, up until a garage just after 2000. So…‘deterioration’ is an enemy we have to fight. Some efficiency upgrades are fast and easy whereas others like heating systems and redefining the usage of space are bigger projects. Efficiency in our buildings is at the forefront of stewarding what God has given us.


While realizing that efficiency will help our day-to-day financial bottom-line, having a community that feels warm and happy is essential also. We can pay less in power bills but we won’t go far if we have unhappy people. Warm hospitality should also be extended to the living and working environment of what is most precious to us: our people. Valuing aesthetics will affect all we renovate and build. Sometimes it is as simple as a different paint color or a light fixture, in other instances it is choosing to include a coffee shop in the plans. Whatever the case, sending people to the nations begins with valuing them at home.


A few years ago the leadership team of YWAM Turner Valley was challenged whether they were serious or not about the multiplication dynamic in Christ’s final words at the end of the gospel. It’s easier to sit back and ‘play-it-safe’ but God’s kingdom is meant to grow through risky faith.

The Nehemiah Project leadership has carefully sought to pursue smaller projects to build faith and relationships for the bigger ones. While bearing this in mind, they are committed to a perspective that will accommodate future growth. This means visualizing where bigger buildings and more housing will go. It’s a little intimidating; still, this ministry has turned its focus to press on to all the multiplication God has for it!

“The Nehemiah Project is committed to making the body of Christ aware of the potential partnerships with this aspect of missions.”


A New Boiler

‘Out-dated’ would be a kind term to affix to our boiler system. If you saw into our boiler room you may ask, “where did you get the faith to pull up a boiler from the wreck of the Titanic?” We answer: “actually it’s a transformer that came to life and decided to join missions.”

Joking aside, this efficiency projects begins with having a mechanical engineer evaluating our whole heating system to draw out blueprints of what is the best set-up for how our heating should work. After this is completed we can purchase a smaller more efficient boiler.

Completed Projects

Artists Interpretation of Before & After the Exterior Renovation


In the last couple of years with the help of our mission builders and staff we were able to renovate a few washrooms. Having around 20 kids at the campus, it is nice to have a family washroom with a baby-changing station. Since 2018 our creative team has been thriving, designing new spaces. We’re happy to share with you our first results.

Recreation Room

The Recreation Room is the heart of our ministry, where everything collides: student competitions, children laughing, staff and guest meetings. In 2019 we updated this room and added a fresh bright look with rustic details and minimalistic design. It was a small step towards making this room look great. We call it a phase one, we have four more to go. 

Family Housing

In 2019 YWAM Turner Valley welcomed another family on staff. As YWAM Turner Valley, we value our staff and want them to have a comfortable space that they can call home. Our YWAM family faithfully worked on getting those rooms done before their new baby came. We are blessed with people that support our ministry and help us grow.


Three Ways To Help


Renovation means replacing old stuff with new stuff. If you’re a business owner who would like to donate building materials such as windows, doors, wood, power tools, bathroom tiles or siding, please email or call us at the address above. In some situations we are able to offer a gift-in-kind tax receipt.



Often we are able to get a lot of work done in a short amount of time when a team of individuals comes out for a week and works on a specific project. If you or someone in your community of believers would like to bring a team to serve with us we would love to help you with the arrangements.


Maybe you’re a mechanical engineer, a construction worker or an electrician. Maybe you specialize in septic systems or excavation. In a project like this, the needs span across a wide variety of professions. Your help in what you do best would be a tremendous help to us!

Interested in helping us?
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