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    When you attend the school, will your children be living with you?

    Are you currently allowed to work in Canada?

    Please follow this link, which identifies whether you are eligible to apply for a work permit upon entry into Canada. Is your country of citizenship on the green list?

    Are you up to date with your vaccinations?

    Do you have health insurance?

    What is the name of your insurer?

    Please be aware that if you arrive without insurance, upon your arrival you will be charged CA$170 per quarter to cover your insurance costs.
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    Do you have a criminal record, or are you involved in any current or pending lawsuits or legal actions?

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    Have you completed Secondary School?

    Have you previously attended any YWAM or UofN Schools (including DTS or CDTS)?

    Please list the school details, including location and date

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    Personal Reflection
    What expectations do you have of the SBS?

    Are you intending on completing all three terms of the SBS?

    Please explain which terms you are intending not to complete and why

    How is your current relationship with Jesus?

    Please describe your spiritual and/or ministry goals, including missionary service goals

    What are your areas of strength and in which areas do you wish to see growth?

    Who or what directed you to this application form?

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