Personal Details
    Full Name

    Mailing Address

    Phone Number


    Date of Birth


    Family Information
    Marital Status

    Date of Marriage

    Is your spouse planning to staff with you?

    Do you have any dependants?

    Please list the full names, genders, and ages of your dependants (spouse or children)

    Are you currently allowed to work in Canada?

    Please follow this link, which identifies whether you are eligible to apply for a work permit upon entry into Canada. Is your country of citizenship on the green list?

    Criminal Record
    Do you have a criminal record, or are you involved in any current or pending lawsuits or legal actions?

    Please explain your criminal record

    Educational Information
    Have you completed High School / Secondary School?

    What is the highest educational level you have achieved?

    Have you previously attended any YWAM or UofN Schools (including DTS or CDTS)?

    Please list the school details, including location and date

    Have you previously staffed at any other YWAM campuses?

    Please list the YWAM base details, including dates and details of your role

    Languages spoken in decreasing order of fluency

    English proficiency

    Work Skills
    Please select your experience in the following skills
    Business Management
    Children's Programs
    Computers (Basic daily use)
    Computer Coding

    Which coding languages do you know, and to what level?

    Electrical Work
    Graphic Design
    Hospitality (guest services and/or event planning)
    Kitchen Management
    Maintenance (Building)
    Maintenance (Vehicle)
    Music (Vocal)

    Worship Leading

    Music (Instrumental)

    Which instrument(s) do you play?

    Painting & Decorating
    Secretarial Work
    Video Production
    Web Design
    Writing / Editing

    Please list any other skills you feel would be important to note.

    What expectations do you have of YWAM Turner Valley?

    What are your areas of strength and in which areas do you wish to see growth?

    A minimum two-year commitment is requested of staff. Please give your earliest starting date. If you are unable to make a two-year commitment, please explain why and the length of commitment you are able to make?

    Are you facing any difficult situations or issues in regards to joining YWAM?

    If you are not accepted as staff, what are your alternative plans?

    Please indicate your plans/expectations about housing.

    Health Information
    Service with YWAM Turner Valley involves travel to locations in less developed countries where access to healthcare is limited, does your health permit you to do this?

    Please explain

    Are you up to date with your vaccinations?

    A staff role at YWAM Turner Valley will at times involve unexpected changes to schedules etc as well as other potentially stressful situations, please briefly describe a recent stressful situation that you handled well and a situation you handled poorly

    Is there any health information you believe we should be aware of?

    A staff role at YWAM Turner Valley will typically involve tasks that require the following abilities; please comment on your ability to perform the following:

    Sit and study in an office / classroom environment (with short breaks) for several hours at a time

    Please explain your difficulty with this task

    Stand at a workshop bench or kitchen counter etc, (with short breaks) for several hours at a time

    Please explain your difficulty with this task

    Perform light tasks, e.g. cutting up vegetables, making beds, cleaning a bathroom, or carrying a small item (up to 15 lbs;7kg)

    Please explain your difficulty with this task

    Carrying bulk groceries or other items weighing between 25 and 50lb (11-22kg)

    Please explain your difficulty with this task

    Use a computer and/or read (with short breaks) several hours in a day

    Please explain your difficulty with this task

    General household cleaning tasks, including the use of household cleaning chemicals

    Please explain your difficulty with this task

    Walk 6 miles (10km) in a day

    Please explain your difficulty with this task

    Financial Information
    Housing Fees
    $210 per month per each adult staff person.
    $200 per month per each dependent 13 years of age and up.
    $100 per month (50%) per each dependent 9 – 12 years of age.
    $50 per month (25%) per each dependent 4 – 8 years of age.

    Damage Deposit
    $100 Refundable upon leaving YWAM (if no repair or cleaning costs are incurred).

    Key Deposit
    $10 Refundable upon leaving YWAM (with the return of all keys).

    *First month’s housing fee and damage deposit are to be paid to Accounts prior to moving into staff housing.

    Financial Support Expectations
    Financial support is recommended at a minimum of $500 per month for single and $1000 per month for couples. Please indicate your current support amount and list your plans for raising these funds

    Absences & Holidays
    Staff housing fees are due during short-term absences, unless you are leaving for an outreach or extended leave (+2 months) and pack up your personal possessions in such a way that your room is available for others to use. Arrangements must be made with the Facilities Coordinator.

    Spouses and/or family members leaving for a time will still need to pay full housing fees unless both spouses and/or family leave and the room is made available for rent.

    Recognizing that we as Youth With A Mission staff, are called upon to contribute to our housing expenses here at YWAM Turner Valley, I will endeavour to keep current in this payment.
    I understand that payment of the required fees must be paid in Canadian currency by the 10th of the month unless otherwise approved by the Bookkeeper and Leadership Team before commencement of commitment(required)

    Code of Conduct
    All YWAM Turner Valley staff and students are required to read and accept our Code of Conduct. Please take the time to read it before you submit your information.
    I have read and consent to the Code of Conduct(required)

    Faith Journey
    God has called us to run our ministry differently than we have in the past. We are calling this new way of operating our "Faith Journey". Visit for more information.

    This new way means we:

    - Trust God to provide through miraculous generosity, rather than charging students lecture phase fees

    - Come together each day and pray as a community

    - Seek to be generous with what we have

    - Celebrate God’s provision

    Are you willing to join us in this Faith Journey, specifically committing to experience and pray for needs together with us and celebrate victories?

    What are your thoughts and feelings on being a part of this journey?

    Personal Information

    Please describe how you became a Christian and your present spiritual walk with the Lord

    What areas of your character are you presently seeking God to further develop and improve?

    Please describe your spiritual and/or ministry goals, including missionary service goals. How do you see these goals being met with YWAM Turner Valley?

    Please describe your ministry experience and talents/abilities

    Will all adult members of your family be joining full-time staff? If not, what expectations do you have for each as a staff member/non-staff member? How much time do you expect each member could contribute on a weekly basis?

    Do you have a valid drivers license?

    I have completed all portions of this application accurately for admission to the program for which I am applying. If I am accepted by Youth With A Mission, I will abide by the spirit, guidelines and schedules of the program.
    I accept(required)

    Who or what directed you to this application form?

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