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    Personal Details
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    Full Name

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    Date of Birth



    Have you completed all three quarters of a YWAM School of Biblical Studies (SBS or CSBS)?

    Completing all three quarters of a School of Biblical Studies is an essential prerequisite to Titus Project.

    Please contact Titus Project for more information, or visit our SBS page to find out more about our SBS program.

    Great! Completing all three quarters of a School of Biblical Studies is an essential prerequisite to Titus Project, so I'm glad we checked!

    Please continue your application.

    Living Situation
    Marital Status

    Please specify the date of your marriage

    When you participate in the Titus Project, will your spouse be living with you?

    Do you have any children?

    Please list your children's names, ages, and genders

    When you attend the school, will your children be living with you?

    Passport Information
    Name as listed on passport

    Country of Passport Issue

    Passport Expiration Date

    Have you ever been refused a visa?

    To which country were you denied a visa, and under what circumstances?

    Are you currently allowed to work in Canada?

    Please follow this link, which identifies whether you are eligible to apply for a work permit upon entry into Canada. Is your country of citizenship on the green list?

    Do you have a criminal record, or are you involved in any current or pending lawsuits or legal actions?

    Please explain your criminal record

    Educational Information
    Have you completed Secondary School?

    Please list the school details of your SBS (including location and date), as well as details of any other YWAM or UofN Schools you have completed (including DTS)

    Are you pursuing a U of N degree?

    Languages spoken in decreasing order of fluency

    English proficiency

    Experience & Work Skills
    Please list your work experience and the time period

    Work Skills
    Check all that apply
    Carpentry / Construction
    Child Care
    Dish Duty
    Food Preparation
    Maintenance (Building/Vehicle)
    Children's Programs
    Public Speaking

    Please list any other skills you feel would be important to note.

    What expectations do you have of Titus Project?

    Are you facing any difficult situations or issues with regards to attending the Titus Project?

    If you are not accepted onto the Titus Project, what are your alternative plans?

    General Health Information
    A Titus workload can be demanding; our training time includes class times, work duties, practice teachings, required reading, prayer, worship, and many hours of self study. Outreach will include teaching at least six hours each week, with the necessary preparation and study that requires. With this in mind, please briefly describe how you handled the work load on SBS/CSBS

    During the school there will be times when the schedule is changed unexpectedly as well as other potentially stressful situations, please briefly describe a recent stressful situation that you handled well as well as a situation you handled poorly

    Successful completion of Titus Project at YWAM Turner Valley will typically involve tasks that require the following abilities; please comment on your ability to perform the following:

    Self-directed study and lecture writing for several hours each day

    Please explain your difficulty with this task

    Standing in front of an audience for upwards of six hours each week

    Please explain your difficulty with this task

    Perform light tasks, e.g. cutting up vegetables, making beds, cleaning a bathroom, or carrying a small item (up to 15lb / 7kg)

    Please explain your difficulty with this task

    Use a computer and / or read (with short breaks) for 8-10 hours in a day

    Please explain your difficulty with this task

    General household cleaning tasks, including the use of household cleaning chemicals

    Please explain your difficulty with this task

    Walk 3 miles (5km) in a day

    Please explain your difficulty with this task

    Manage your time to meet frequent deadlines, there will be multiple assignments and teachings each week

    Please explain your difficulty with this task

    Is there any general health information you believe we should be aware of?

    Do you have health insurance?

    What is the name of your insurer?

    Please be aware that if you arrive without insurance your participant fees will include an extra $98 USD* for Canadians & $140 USD* for internationals to cover your insurance costs. *This fee will be charged in the equivalent amount in Canadian dollars
    I accept(required)

    Are you taking prescription medication? (for example, do you have an EpiPen?)

    Please explain your plan to ensure you have access to these medications during your time here (including outreach).

    Vaccination Details
    Because Titus Project includes an international outreach, it is helpful for us to know your vaccination record. You do not necessarily require all the following vaccinations, but this list will allow us to confirm which vaccinations you may wish to get before your course. Please do your best to find your vaccination records, but if you are uncertain for any of them, please select "No".
    Are you vaccinated against the following?

    Varicella (Chickenpox)
    Acellular Pertussis
    Hepatitis A & B
    Hepatitis C
    Japanese Encephalitis
    Dengue Fever

    Emergency Contact
    Full Name of Emergency Contact

    Relationship to Contact

    Contact's Address

    Contact's Home Phone Number

    Contact's Cell Phone Number (optional)

    Contact's Email

    In case of emergency, I hereby agree to the performance of such treatment, including anesthesia and surgery, as the attending doctor or physician may deem necessary.
    I consent(required)

    Code of Conduct
    All YWAM Turner Valley staff and students are required to read and accept our Code of Conduct. Please take the time to read it before you submit your information.
    I have read and consent to the Code of Conduct(required)

    Faith Journey
    God has called us to run our ministry differently than we have in the past. We are calling this new way of operating our "Faith Journey". Visit ywamturnervalley.org/faith-journey for more information.

    This new way means we:

    - As we feel the need together, we choose to trust God to provide through miraculous generosity, rather than charging students lecture phase fees

    - Come together each day to seek and pray as a community

    - Celebrate God’s provision together

    Are you willing to join us in this Faith Journey, specifically committing to experience and pray for needs together with us and celebrate victories?

    What are your thoughts and feelings on being a part of this journey?

    Financial Information
    Do you have any outstanding debts?

    Please explain the amount and nature of your debt

    I understand that payment of the required training fees must be made in Canadian currency prior to or upon arrival, unless otherwise approved by the School Director before my arrival in Turner Valley. Further, I agree to meet in a timely manner, prior to the completion of program, all personal expenses incurred during my involvement with Youth With A Mission.
    I accept

    I/We do herby release Youth With A Mission Society, its staff, agents and volunteer assistants from any liability whatsoever arising out of any injury, damage or loss which may be sustained by said person(s) during the course of involvement with Youth With A Mission.
    I accept

    Personal History
    Please describe how you became a Christian and your present spiritual walk with the Lord?

    What areas of your character are you presently seeking God to further develop and improve?

    Please describe your spiritual and/or ministry goals, including missionary service goals

    Please describe your relationship with your local church

    Please describe your relationship to your family. Is your family in favour of your decision to enrol in this program?

    How has the Lord worked in your life during and since your DTS?

    Did your local church support you in your application to the Titus Project? Would they help support you in prayer and financially for future involvement in mission work?

    Having considered that Titus is an outreach program, are you willing to participate in both the three-week training time and the two-month outreach portion of the program?

    Please explain which phase you are intending not to complete and why

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